Upcoming Shows


Dancers and Dreamers

Lakewood Cultural Center 

Lakewood, CO 

August - October ~ 2020

Featuring 5 Colorado, women artists

More info to come


Oh Fair Enough Are Sky and Plain

Littleton Art Museum 

Littleton, CO

January 2021

An abstract exhibit featuring  Janet Rundquist, Lydia Riegle, Patricia Finley, Cyncie Winter and Annamarie Mead

More info to come



Stay Tuned!

Janet is continuing to experiment with a new art medium; cold wax medium combined with oil paint. All workshops are on hold until she feels she is proficient enough to help others with their personal, cold wax journey.  

It's a very exciting way to paint; creating depth, mystery and complexity to each piece. She can't wait to share her knowledge of this compelling medium! 

​Stay tuned!

If you'd like to know more about workshops, please fill out information on contact page.

Thank you!  


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